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Explore the difference between standard and premium creators.


Focus on authentic videos, such as short TikToks or unfabricated, totally natural demos & unboxing videos.
Valued as 1 credit


Focus on more polished, ready-to-publish content made by experienced creators to match a brand aesthetic, like complex product demos or explainer videos.
Valued as 2 credits

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
It's super easy to get started with Twirl! Sign up, create your brand or agency profile and select your credit package through our website. From there you will access your dashboard where you can submit briefs for content anytime!

Once you have submitted your brief, our software will find the creators matching your company and brief. Interested creators apply for your project. You can then select the creator(s) that fit best to your request! If you have physical products which need to be in the video, you'll be able to view the shipping addresses of selected creators. After that, the creator will get to work and produce your content in 3-5 working days!

Once the content is ready you can view and download in your dashboard!
What are credits?
Credits are the currency in your Twirl dashboard.

You’ll spend them for each piece of content you request through your dashboard.
This is how many credits you'll use for each video:

A video from a standard creator uses 1 credit
A video from a premium creator uses 2 credits

Learn more about our standard and premium creators here, or reach out to us anytime if you have questions.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we do! If you're unsure how to get started, book a quick demo chat with us, tell us your needs, and we can offer you a free trial video to give it a whirl (or twirl in this case). Also, we offer a 100% credit-back guarantee within 14 days if you are really not happy with the content you get.
Can I cancel anytime? Is there a contract?
Our monthly subscription plans are cancelable at any time.
How do I choose if I want standard or premium creators?
Whenever you create your brief, you can let us know if you want your videos created by a Standard or Premium creator. If you choose Standard, only Standard creators can apply to your content request - if you go with Premium, your content request will only be visible to Premium creators. With Standard, 1 credit gets deducted from your available monthly credit limit, whereas 2 credits get deducted, if you decide for Premium creators.
How long does it take?
Content creation generally takes about 3 to 6 business days after the creator has received your products (if any). Shipping depends on the provider and destination.
How does it work with usage rights?
We offer 100% usage rights for all of the content you produce on Twirl. The content is yours to re-purpose, use for organic, paid or however you see fit, in perpetuity.
Do assets include editing?
Our creators may be able to edit your videos, this could include adding subtitles, cutting, music, or filters. Our standard creators mostly deliver raw footage and do not include editing (unless briefed), or come with basic subtitles or text overlays. Of course, once you receive your content, you can edit however you see fit!
How are your prices lower than agencies / influencers?
We have built a community of high quality creators who cover dozens of industries. Unlike influencers, they focus only on creating amazing content and they do not necessarily have big social followings.

In addition to that, we are primarily a technology company and focus on building software that automates the research, creator onboarding and coordination process. Because of this, we are able to connect brands with creators with minimal human involvement and thus reduce costs, we pass this cost saving on to the brand.
*Do you offer revisions?
We offer free revisions provided that the delivery does not fit the brief you have given or where it is clear a mistake has been made. Please reach out to us if you are not happy with the content asset submitted and we are happy to help.
I am an agency, can I use Twirl for my clients?
Sure! If you select 'agency' during the signup process, you will have a slightly different version of the dashboard which is adapted to manage content for multiple brands.
What if I need more content than the packages provide?
We can work out specific bulk pricing if you will need more quantity of content than what is within our fixed packages. Contact us to discuss further!
What locations do you currently operate in?
Currently we are focused on creators from the UK and US. We can take customers from anywhere provided you are okay with having either British or American creators. If you need creators from another country, please contact us to discuss further, we may make an exception or we will put you on the waiting list for when we open that country!